Creating a timeless rustic farmhouse look in your home can be an exciting task. Whether you’re looking to bring a fresh, classic feel to your existing interior design or you’re starting from scratch, there are a few key ways to create the perfect atmosphere. From cozy textiles to embellishments that add charm, follow these tips for creating a rustic farmhouse look that you won’t soon get tired of.

1. Injecting Farmhouse Charm into Your Living Space

Rustic charm is a popular style for homes that incorporate elements from the outdoors. Farmhouse decor offers a warm, comfortable atmosphere and a relaxed, country-style ambience. Here are some tips to add a touch of farmhouse flavor to your living space.

  • To instantly add countryside charm and comfort to your living space, choose traditional farmhouse furniture and furnishings in natural, neutral tones with warm accents. Opt for furniture pieces made of wooden or wicker material and incorporate plaid or striped fabrics for cushions and throws.
  • Bring the outdoors inside with plants and flowers. Use ceramic, glass or galvanized planters to hold a variety of greenery and brighten your living room. Incorporate herbs for a more rustic look and bring in bright blooms like sunflowers and gerbera daisies for an added pop of color.
  • Remember to accessorize! Layer throws and pillows on your furniture in different patterns and textures. Remember to include some linen pieces for a casual feel. Hang rustic wall accents such as windmills, wreaths and baskets, as well as old-fashioned clocks or a vintage picture frame for a final touch.

Adding natural elements to your living room will also create a cozy, farmhouse ambiance. Use unfinished wooden boxes as coffee tables, display vintage jugs and jars filled with dried lavender, wheat stalks or dandelions. Incorporate natural elements like tree limbs and bark, or put dried hops or twigs on your mantle. You can also use glass or jars filled with stones, feathers or rustic bits of nature like seed pods or leaves. These elements are sure to add a unique, charming touch to your living space.

2. Strategies for Crafting a Rustic Aesthetic

Rough and natural-first and foremost, creating a rustic aesthetic means creating one that is rough and natural. Use raw unfinished wood, or distressed and aged pieces for a vintage vibe. If freshly cut wood is used, embrace the imperfections in the wood grain. Incorporate texture with adding woven baskets, jute rugs, and chunky blankets.

A Touch of Industrial-the beauty of a rustic style lies in the juxtaposition between natural and industrial elements. Create an industrial mood by using metal finishes, aged steel and galvanized accents, concrete surfaces that look weathered, and metal coiled light fixtures. All these elements blend together effortlessly to keep the rustic look from being too country or cottage.

  • Raw, unfinished wood
  • Distressed and aged pieces
  • Woven baskets, jute rugs and chunky blankets for texture
  • Metal finishes, aged steel and galvanized accents
  • Concrete surfaces that look weathered
  • Metal coiled light fixtures

3. Utilizing Natural Textures to Accent Your Farmhouse Style

The essence of a farmhouse style is to make use of natural materials, textures and colors to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere. There are many ways for you to add organic lines and textures to the décor of your home – from incorporating elements of nature into your living space, to bringing in natural materials such as stone, wood, rugs, and even textured linens.

Here are some ideas to get you started on :

  • Wood: Wooden furniture and accents bring warmth to any home. Reclaimed wood tables, chairs and shelves can add a touch of rustic charm, while wood floors and beams will bring texture and depth.
  • Cork: Cork has a unique texture and is available in a variety of colors and styles. It’s a great way to add a textured flooring option and is extremely durable and low-maintenance.
  • Stone: Stone adds a unique texture and ageless charm. Consider incorporating a stone backsplash in the kitchen or adding a stone hearth in the living room.
  • Pillows & Textiles: Soft pillows and textiles in natural materials such as burlap, linen or wool can bring a cozy, inviting feeling to your space.
  • Rugs: Rugs create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and are a great way to add texture to your home. Choose natural fibers such as jute, sisal, or cotton for an organic farmhouse look.

By bringing these natural materials and textures into your home, you can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in the true farmhouse style.

4. Gaining Character Through Upcycling and Vintage Elements

The world of upcycling is full of countless stories of incredible finds and second-hand, vintage pieces that breathe new life and personality into homes around the world. For those who are in search of a home with character and charm, upcycling and vintage elements add a unique, exclusive quality which could otherwise be nonexistent.

Vintage features like wallpapers, old furniture, and salvaged materials can be brought up-to-date with a subtle incorporation of new fixtures. For example, a wood dining table can be restored with a bright paint job to break away from the traditional style and introduce a more youthful, vibrant element into the home. Meanwhile, upcycling techniques such as:

  • Basket-weaving
  • Leather-working
  • Home improvement

enable savvy homeowners to create furniture and other items that are distinctive and suited to their personal tastes, while also eliminating waste and caring for the environment. All in all, upcycling and vintage items are great ways to inject some serious character into a home.

Whether you are creating a full-blown rustic farmhouse or just adding touches of it here and there, there is no denying the charm and coziness of this style. Invite warmth and rustic charm in to your home, and watch your space transform into a haven of comfort and style.

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